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Online Ordering with ZERO Commission

Order Master is the simplest way for takeaways and restaurants to start offering online ordering service to your customers. We build everything that you need to open your online business. Our system is loaded with many great features that make the online ordering process incredibly easy.

Order Master is an online ordering system specifically designed for the food and beverage businesses to offer online ordering services to your customers.

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We design and build your online ordering website, input your menu items and setup the website with payment and delivery methods. Your website will be hosted on our fast & secure server with your domain name. We also provide you with a mailbox account, a laptop and a thermal printer to receive your customer orders. All incoming orders are printed out automatically with a ring tone, you just need to cook the food and delivery the orders to your customers.

To place an order online, customers simply browse the menu on your website, select the items and go to checkout to complete the ordering process. Customers can select a delivery method, a collection/delivery time and a payment method and make an online payment during checkout. We will help you to sign up with PayPal and setup the website to accept card payments. All the card payments are paid directly into your PayPal account, with NO comissions to pay us.

We setup everything for you to open your online ordering website, completely hassle free!

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Online Ordering Made Simple

Full of great features that make online food ordering extremely easy


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Optimised for Mobile Devices

Website interface is optimised for mobile devices and desktop computers, customers will have a pleasant experience when browsing the menu and placing an order online.

Tailored to your Design

Match any design from your menu or create a bespoke design with your specifications.


All your basic business details are included into the website, you can also include discount offers, special deals, closing dates and any news.

Open Everyday

Customers can place an order before your shop opening hours, and even a day in advanced.

Accepts Cash, Cards & PayPal

Sign up with a PayPal business account and accept card payments online. All credit/debit card payments are paid directly into your PayPal Account, you can later log in to the admin panel to review all your order transactions.

Minimum Amount

A minimum order amount can be setup. Customers would need to select a number of items to get over the minimum order amount, in order to checkout and place an order.

Delivery Distance

Delivery distance of your orders are automatically measured by the actual driving distance using Google Map, to give you an accurate result rather than specifying post codes or delivery areas. Delivery charges and availability can also be specified, e.g. Free for under a mile, £1 for between 1 to 2 miles... etc

Delivery Time

Customers are given the next available time slots to select, and even the next day. All your orders are managed in a good timing order.

Annual vacation / Emergency

Let us know your leaves in advanced, we will get your customers notified on the website and deactivate online ordering during your absence.


Accepts Card Payment and Measures Delivery Distance Using Google Map - Zinpify, Milton Keynes


Reliable Hardware - Zinpify, Milton Keynes

80mm Thermal Printer

All receipts are printed by a thermal printer which uses 80mm width paper roll, this makes the printed order easy to read without using a magnifying glass.

Auto Print

All incoming orders are printed out automatically without a click of a button and keep starring at the screen all the time, save your time and allow you to concentrate on other things.

Ring Tone Alert

A ring tone alerts your staffs of any new incoming orders, you will never miss an order.

Multiple Prints

All new incoming orders are printed with two copies automatically. Just click ‘Print’ on the computer if you need an extra copy.

Language Support

All ordered items are printed with Chinese and English on the receipt, you can save time without re-inputing the order into your POS again. Your new chefs can also concentrate on their job without memorising all the dish numbers in a short period of time.

Help Delivery Drivers

Customer details such as name, address, phone number, email, delivery time, delivery distance and delivery note are clearly organised and easy to read. You can later use it to calculate the commissions and wages for your delivery drivers.

Premium Hosting

Your website is hosted on our high speed server which uses enterprise level hardware, it ensures the website will always load optimally that give your customers a good browsing experience. Our hosting service is secure with firewall against any attack, it is also PCI compliant for hosting e-commerce websites.

Domain Name

You can pick an available domain name to register or use your existing one.

SSL Certificate / HTTPS

An SSL certificate will be included to secure your website using an HTTPS address, to protect your customers' sensitive data and to boost your search engine ranking.


Your website and customer details are backed up every night and kept on a remote site. Your website can get back on running and recovered in the case of any unforeseen events.

99.98% Availability

Our servers are closely monitored and make sure your website is always online.


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Search Engine Optimisation

To ensure your website to reach as many customers as possible, all your web pages are optimised with keywords, contents and load speed. Your website is also submitted to the major search engines with XML sitemap such as Google and Bing. Google Map details will also be updated on your behalf, so that your customers can find your website as well as your shop.

Google Analytics

Know more about your customers: Obtain a detail report about your website traffic and your users’ behaviour, such as source of traffics, the user’s demographics, system and device.

Offline Marketing

A poster and some laminated QR code materials are provided which you can put them in your storefront to promote your website. Your customers can then use their smartphone to scan the code and access your website directly, even when you are closed. We also print it on your takeaway menu, to give your customers an easy access.

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Customer Benefits

  • Easy to order: Another convenient ordering platform for placing orders promptly.
  • Preference: In control with the desired order preferences such as selecting a delivery and payment method, and also specifying the time for collection or delivery.
  • Efficient: Customer would only need to go through a simple user registration to fill in the details for the first time, and use the same account to place an order next time.
  • Hassel free: Stay in the comfort of your home, and save waiting time over the phone for being put on hold during peak hours.
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Business Owner Benefits

  • Drive more sales: Increases the number of customer as well as expanding sales beyond the surrounding areas.
  • Easy to manage: The system will simplify the order taking process and automatically arrange each transaction in order, just like having an extra helping hand.
  • Marketing: Keep customers up to date with the latest discount and offers.
  • Cost effective: Save ordering time through the staffs, which in turn increases productivity.

Ordering Process

ORDER MASTER allows your customers to place an order online easily at anytime, anywhere and with any devices. It has simplified the ordering process that enhances the work efficiency and improves productivity of your staffs. A brief description below describes how most customers would normally place an online order, from how to look for your website to how to get the food delivered.



Customers may use any digital devices with an Internet connection to place an order, such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops.
If your customers have your takeaway menu, they may simply enter your website address into a web browser 1, or scan the QR code from your menu using a smart phone2 to access your website.
For customers without a takeaway menu, they may use a search engine (Google or Bing) to look for a local takeaway. By entering some keywords such as China City Takeaway London, in order to find your website.3


Enter the website address directly into the browser e.g. chinacitylondon.co.uk


Scan the QR Code from the takeaway menu by using your smartphone


Enter the keywords E.g “china city takeaway london” into a search engine.
Customer don’t need the Menu on hand


When customers arrive at your website, they can browse the menu and start selecting the desired items into the shopping basket. Next, customers would need to go through checkout in order to place an order.
During the checkout process, a new customer would have a chance to enter their personal details, and select a delivery method, a delivery time and a payment method. For returning customers, they just need to login to their account without entering their details again.
By using the Post Code provided by the customer, the website can determine whether the delivery address is within the delivery range of the shop. If it is, the delivery option will be made available in the delivery method as well as the collection option to select. All the delivery details are clearly laid out in the order receipt, such as customer name, address, telephone, delivery time and delivery note. This allows your staffs to prepare and process all the customer orders more efficiently, in order to get them delivered on time by your delivery drivers.
The website not only accepts cash payment in collection or delivery, customers can also choose to make an online payment either by credit/debit card or via PayPal.


  • Delivery
  • Collection


  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Paypal


Once the customer has placed an order successfully, the system will receive the order and print out automatically in the shop.
Your staffs do not require to frequently pay attention to the laptop screen and printer for incoming orders. The ring tone from the laptop will alert your staffs to collect any new orders, and the thermal printer will print out two copies simultaneously.4 Both of the Chinese and English dish names are shown from the customer selection on the printed orders5, it will save you time and avoid mistake from entering the order details into your POS and print out again. The printed orders also clearly display customer's personal information, delivery method, time of collection/delivery, payment method, price and quantity ordered.



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System Specifications and Services


1 x Laptop (12 Months Warranty)

include setting up of the software


1 x Thermal Printer (12 Months Warranty)

takes 80mm width paper roll, supports both English & Chinese languages printing


Online Ordering Website

Service includes:
  • design for food ordering website, which supports all major digital devices.
  • data entry of dish names in both English & Chinese, and restaurant’s details.
  • setting up of PayPal account.
  • SEO: optimise Web Pages with Search Engines including Google & Bing.
  • submitting/updating restaurant’s details to Google Map

Domain Name Registration


Setting Up a Web Hosting Account and an Email Account


Create a QR Code for your Website

We will put the QR code of your website address in your takeaway menu and give you some laminated materials to promote your website.


Provide Professional Technical Support

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